Cathy’s energy and expertise will set the tone for a successful and memorable event, whether in person or virtually.
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Cathy Lewis: Emcee/Facilitator

Whether in front of the mic or behind the scenes, as an emcee, Cathy is the consummate professional, putting both audience members and event planners at ease. From start to finish, this experienced emcee will engage both in-person and virtual audiences while ensuring the stars of the show remain center stage. Cathy’s energy and confidence will set the tone you seek for a successful and memorable event. Titles, topics, and timing – Cathy gets it right. 

As a facilitator, Cathy is a skilled communicator who creates buy-in by connecting with each participant. Whether listening or questioning, Cathy empowers individuals and groups with her authenticity, positivity and optimism. Attuned to both body language and spoken words, Cathy will tease out concerns and differing opinions while compassionately negotiating relationships and personalities. Flexible with the process, but focused on the goal, Cathy helps groups move issues and ideas forward.

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Cathy Lewis, Emcee

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Cathy is committed to creating a more civil and engaged culture at work, at home and in the community.

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Cathy creates cultures of learning that are lively and rigorous, guiding critical conversations with clarity and purpose.

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A weekly 30-minute podcast engaging the issues of the 757 with the humor and expertise you've come to expect from Cathy.

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Knowing more about the issues that shape the 757 empowers us to create the kind of community that works for us all.
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